The using of thermowood in the sauna

   All materials used in the sauna should be durable, resistant to moisture and heat. It is important that they are eco-friendly and natural. Is such a combination of properties possible? Yes, all these requirements are met by wood, but not ordinary, only wood that received special thermal treatment in a furnace. The so-called thermowood is used for interior decoration of walls and floor in the sauna, for the manufacture of furniture, cooperage products, and accessories. The use of thermowood in finishing saunas is a revolutionary solution for building reliable, durable, eco-friendly saunas of the new generation.

   Unique properties of products for a sauna from thermowood

   Thermal wood is produced without the use of any chemical impregnations or coatings, which means it retains its natural properties and is an absolutely safe material. The tree is dried and then “baked” in a special chamber without the presence of oxygen. Steam baths for a sauna from thermowood even after many years of exploitation save a perfect appearance. The special technology of heat treatment changes the structure of the tree and significantly improves its operational properties:

• material becomes resistant to moisture and heat;

• thermowood does not rot, is not exposed to mold and fungus;

• rodents and insects lose interest in wood after thermalization;

• parts made of thermowood retain their geometric shape, do not shrink, do not warp, and do not deform;

• thermoboard has a dense surface without pores;

• products made of thermowood for a sauna are hygienic, they are easy to clean and do not absorb pollution;

• The color of the material can vary from golden to dark brown.

Heat treatment of wood is a proven technology that we successfully implement in our production. In our assortment there is everything for finishing of a sauna - products and finishing materials from thermopine, thermoalder, thermolinden, thermooak. If you need advice on the choice of products from thermal wood for the sauna, please contact our manager.

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