How to choose a lining for finishing a steam room

How to choose a lining for finishing a steam room

The material for finishing the steam room must be moisture resistant, heat resistant, breathable, environmentally friendly, and does not emit toxic substances when heated. These requirements are ideally matched by a solid wood paneling made of linden, oak, ash, alder and other hardwood species. Coniferous materials such as spruce and pine are less commonly used.

Lining is called a planed board of small thickness. Boards are quickly and easily assembled, reliably connected to each other by a tongue-and-groove system. When assembled, the wall decoration is smooth and beautiful. The material is resistant to moisture, heat, steam. Does not deform with sudden changes in temperature and humidity. In addition to excellent performance characteristics, the lining has an important advantage - an aesthetic appearance. This decoration adorns the steam room and creates a special atmosphere in the interior, inherent in a traditional bath.

How to choose a lining for a bath?

Depending on the parameters of the wood, the lining is divided into classes:

• Extra. This is the highest quality lining with a smooth surface without knots. The board is monolithic, without splices.

• Class A. One splicing of the board and the presence of several small light knots up to 10 mm in diameter are allowed (no more than one knot per running meter). The material has no cracks and through defects.

• Class B. Two splices are allowed along the length of the board. The diameter of the knots can reach a third of the width of the board, there may be small cracks that do not violate the strength of the material.

The lining of all the above classes has the same performance properties. The differences lie only in the external characteristics and structure of the material. All three classes are made from the same batch of wood using the same technology, undergo similar processing and drying stages.

The division into classes occurs at the stage of preparing the material: before the manufacture of the lining, the board is sorted depending on the structure, the presence of knots, stains and cracks. Further, the manufactured boards are sorted according to the presence of processing defects and the number of splices along the length. The higher the class of the lining, the more beautiful and expensive it is. But the presence of splices and knots does not affect the moisture resistance, heat resistance and durability of the material.

Optimum humidity of the lining for the steam room

During the production process, the lining has a moisture content of 12-20%. If the moisture content is less than 12%, then a large number of fallen knots appear. Humidity over 20% increases the risk of blue discoloration on wood surfaces. At various production stages (drying, processing), the moisture content of the lining is reduced to 12-16%. These indicators are sufficient to ensure that the finishing material does not absorb moisture, does not deform during storage and transportation, and does not swell from exposure to high temperature and steam.

Splicing lining boards

Lining boards can be spliced ​​in length - what does this affect? Modern technologies allow splicing wood in such a way that the spliced ​​board does not differ from the solid material in terms of strength and durability. The board consists of several parts, carefully selected in pattern and color. The connection is made with glue and high pressure. Visually, the splices are not visible, the performance characteristics fully correspond to the one-piece lining. When making boards, wood waste is reduced, so the cost of the material is reduced. A lining with one or two joints along the length is cheaper than a solid one.

On our site, a wide selection of linden, pine and thermolip lining is presented - a material with increased heat resistance and moisture resistance. You can choose boards of different standard sizes, spliced ​​and not spliced ​​in length. What kind of lining to buy for a steam room depends on your wishes for the appearance of the finish and on the budget that you are willing to spend on the material. We will be happy to provide you with professional technical advice on this matter. Call us - we will tell you about the lining classes, the types of wood used and technologies. We will help you decide on the best choice for your project.

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