Floor tile

Floor tile

Floor tile

The company "Tesli" offers to buy a floor tile for the bath - a high-quality coating made of thermal alder and thermal ash of its own production.

Floor tile is made of specialized material - decking. This is a universal coating used for floor installation in saunas, baths, showers. Coverage is successfully used in the construction of children's playgrounds, terraces, balconies, arbors, garden paths. Decking is a tiled module, consisting of wooden slats and a substrate. Modules with dimensions of 330x330 mm and a height of 25 mm are interconnected by built-in fixing elements and form a monolithic flooring.

Floor tile from the company "Tesli" - the ideal solution for the bath

Quick installation and universality. A convenient fixing system allows for the installation of the coating with minimal work effort without prior alignment of the substrate. The connecting elements are integrated in the module, so using of additional fasteners  do not required during installation. Decking can be laid on any surface, including a concrete or ground base. Modules can be fitted under the required size if necessary.

Durability and practicality. Thermal alder and  thermal ash are resistant to moisture, temperature changes, fungus and mold development, therefore the coating is suitable for using in baths, saunas and even outdoors at any time of the year. Thermally treated wood is characterized by wear resistance and strength. Specific modules design provides ventilation of wooden slats, that is why their service life is prolonged.  

Environmentally friendly material. Floor tile for a bath is made only from environmentally friendly materials. To make wood resistant to moisture and heat, the material is proceed by heat treatment in the furnace. We don’t use any chemical impregnations. The unique technologies used by Tesli make it possible to combine quality, environmental friendliness and durability in a single product.

Aesthetics. A good-quality natural wood coating is never out of fashion. The lamellas can be painted in any color according to the customer's individual request. To implement interesting design ideas, you can combine shades and directions of lamellas.

How to buy a floor tile for a bath from the company "Tesli"?  In our store of products for the bath, you can buy the floor tile with a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

The whole technical process of manufacturing a floor tile implemented in the own workshops of the company "Tesli" from picked wood.

For the order you can use the "basket" on the site or contact our manager. Call us and ask any questions! We are always happy to provide professional advice to our clients.

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