Wood - fine, but thermowood - better!

Not every developer had heard about this miraculous material as thermowood. What about  eliminate the knowledge gaps in carpentry?

The conversation should begin with the fact that today, in the era of the dominance of plastic and polymers, naturalness and environmental friendliness are more valued than ever. Therefore, the best material for finishing the premises than wood, is not found.

It is light, pliable, firmly holding nails or screws, and, what is the most important, beautiful material! On the construction site,isputes can only be made about the type of wood: some like the classic oak, someone likes a practical pine, and someone is a staunch supporter of alders.

Everything has it’s pluses and minuses. But there are technologies for getting a fundamentally new kind of materials, which name is thermowood.
Thermowood: new features - new possibilities.
It's hard to believe that there is the wood with such strong properties, but it exists. Of course, it can not be found in the forest. Professionals unanimously advise stopping the choice on thermal wood if higher specifications are required. Where can we find it?
Tesli is one of the few domestic companies that have mastered and successfully introduced a revolutionary process of processing sawn timber. The classic board acquires unique properties in the hands of our masters.

The main advantages of thermal wood:

· Not exposed to rot, mold;
· Not afraid of temperature changes;
· Always keeps its linear dimen­sions;
·  Does not warp, does not deform;
· Not afraid of rodents and insects;
· It is climatically resistant, does not absorb moisture.

For more than 20 years we produce a profile from thermal linden, thermal pine, thermal alder and thermal oak.
Pioneers of innovative heat treatment
From a wood the architects of the whole planet have built and continue to build at this day. Where the natural conditions are the most severe - temperature drops, dampness, precipitation - the life of a person depends on the reliability of the house at times.
Even the best boards are subjects to rotting, fungal attack, warpage under the influence of moisture. It would seem a dead end - but the way out was found in the country of fjords and sagas.

Finland is rich in forests, and, accordingly, business building materials. However, the vagaries of the Nordic nature make even the most sturdy wooden structures short-lived. At the end of the last century, local residents began to use the method of thermal modification for processing sawn timber. The main secret is the absence of oxygen in the drying chamber. The tree, despite the high temperature, does not ignite, it is like "baked".
The technology includes the following steps:
·          Traditional drying of timber for 20 days;
·          Standard 1-day thermal mode;
·          Thermomodification up to 3 days;
·          Cooling down to 2 days.
After such hard drying, the sawn timber is suitable for operation in the most unfavorable conditions.
Heat treatment - an alternative to chemical methods of protection
If the wood is treated with impregnation, covered with paint, and then with varnish, then it is possible to obtain sa material similar in properties to thermal wood. However, the naturalness will be lost. Any "chemistry" is undesirable in homes, where allergy sufferers, children, and in health resorts. 

Because of the harmfulness of chemically treated wood for health and the environment, since 2004, the EU has a ban on it’s use. Foreign manufacturers began to actively use the process of thermal modification in mass production.
The hot-termed board is a board "fried" almost to the point of complete desiccation, as a result of which its cellular structure is already different. The wood loses it’s shortcomings still  remaining environmentally friendly and hygienically neutral.
 Indicators of drying quality:
· Humidity 5%;
· Moisture spread across the stack not more than 1%;
· Humidity fluctuation along the thickness and length of boards up to 1%.

When water enters the profile from the thermowood, it does not warp. In comparison with the usual linden or alder, the adsorption (absorption) index is 5 times lower. The capillary structure of the wood, destroyed during the thermal process, prevents swelling of the boards even in a wet room. The surface of the boards is very dense, without pores. The color of the slices is uniform over the entire depth of the material, which is not achieved by any aggressive impregnation or paint. Shades - from almost black to golden.

and complex process technology, effective, stylish, universal building material with a wide scope of application and a long service life appears.
Thermowood -the material of the future.
Thermowood is a relatively new building material. She has not yet succeeded in replacing the old-timers of the construction site - the usual wood profile, boards, lining. But where the environment dictates increased demands, the thermowood no longer has competitors.

Thermal wood is the best option for:
· Plating balconies and loggias;
· Decking, garden parquet;
· Decks and elements for finishing boats, yachts;
· Country house terraces;
· External wood cladding of facades;
· Durable fences;
· Elements of landscape design.

The thermal linden is widely used for interior cladding of premises, for various purposes, but primarily for steam rooms, baths, saunas. The shelves of the thermal wood are comfortable and hygienic, the floors are durable. Stylish dark color in a wide range of colors allows you to create interesting interiors.

We offer a wide range of lining, beams and corners from thermal linden, thermal pine, thermal alder, impeccable service and loyal prices. For regular customers and wholesale buyers is provided a flexible system of discounts and preferences.
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