Wooden doors for baths and saunas

   Doors for baths and saunas must be resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. High requirements are imposed on the quality of manufacturing, energy-saving properties and design design of doors. If you do not pay attention to all these factors, the efforts expended on the construction of baths or saunas will be meaningless. Indeed, without reliable doors to ensure the normal operation of the sauna is impossible.

   Design features and advantages of wooden doors for baths and saunas

   An excellent choice in terms of the above requirements - wooden doors for saunas and baths. Constructive includes everything you need to install: door leaf, box, contour seal, accessories.

    Door leaf. This is not a monolithic board, but a multi-layered sandwich consisting of a complex of materials with excellent heat and vapor barrier properties.

• Box. This detail provides rigidity, protects the door from deformation. In a quality box, the door leaf maintains its geometric dimensions. Due to the presence of the threshold, simplified installation of doors.

• Accessories. Wooden doors for a bath are equipped with stainless fittings - hinges, glass holders, snaps. The handles are wooden, as the wood does not heat up and cannot burn.

• Glazing. Doors may be deaf or have translucent tempered glass inserts. Constructions with glazing are distinguished by their original appearance and have an advantage from a purely practical point of view: through the window you can control the situation in the steam room, while in the waiting room.

   Wooden doors for baths and saunas keep warm in the steam room. Warm air does not go into the waiting room, less energy is needed to heat the steam room, and fuel consumption is reduced. Modern technologies of wood processing make it possible to produce very beautiful designer doors for elite interiors of baths and saunas. The design of the door provides the ability to install with the left or right opening.

   On our site a wide selection of wooden doors for baths and saunas. We offer several sizes, it is also possible to fulfill individual orders for the production of doors of any dimensions.

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