The device of a wooden floor in a bath and a sauna

 Serious requirements are placed on the floor covering in the bath and sauna: the surface must be non-slip, the material must have moisture resistance and resistance to high temperatures, and it is important that the floor construction ensures correct and effective water drainage. All these criteria correspond to the coating of natural wood. Compared with a concrete or tiled base, a “warm” and “breathing” tree creates more comfortable and safe conditions for rest. Finishing the floor for a bath with material of natural origin is the best solution for creating environmentally friendly, comfortable, aesthetic interiors.

 Wood flooring diagrams

 Consider several options for the construction of wooden floors in the bath or sauna. Wood coating can be leaking and not leaking. The first option is the most affordable and does not require large labor costs during installation. The design of such a coating is simple: on wooden logs lay the flooring of the boards, located with a gap of several millimeters. Through the gaps between the boards the water flows under the floor and is drained through the drainage system. The flooring is laid without a slope. In some cases, the slats are not nailed to the logs, so that they can be periodically taken out onto the street and dried.

  The non-leaking floor in the bath, steam room and dressing room is mounted from grooved boards laid on the logs close to each other. In this scheme, a small gap is left around the perimeter of the room between the coating and the wall. An important condition for the device of such a floor is a bias towards the hole for draining water. The slope direction is from the entrance door to the opposite wall, the slope value is approximately 1 cm per linear meter of coverage.

 Wooden ladders for bath and sauna

 If the construction of a bath was not provided for the construction of a comfortable wooden floor, then the situation can be corrected without much labor. Walking on a slippery and cool tiled floor in the bath is not very pleasant. To avoid such inconvenience, removable ladders of wood to the floor are used. One-piece lattice structures of planks arranged with a small gap are laid on the base of the floor. As required, the ladders of wood for the bath can be taken out on the street for drying.

  A more modern and reliable alternative to the classical ladders is the decking coating consisting of board modules with a substrate. The modules are interconnected by built-in fasteners and form monolithic wooden flooring. Such trapeik can be laid on any base (soil, concrete, tile). The coating is resistant to moisture, fungus, mold, heat. The design of the modules is ventilated. On our site you can buy trapeik with thermowoil slats with the possibility of coloring the coating in various shades.

1114 11/03/2019