Camping tent

  Traveling as a "savage" and at the same time have access to complete bath procedures is the dream of any tourist. For those who like to take a good steam bath outdoors after a tiring hike, special designs of portable baths have been developed. They can be purchased at the store or built independently. Such steam rooms are made in the form of soft tents, inside of which there is a stove and accessories. There are no traditional shelves and doors for a sauna, but outdoor enthusiasts are happy to soar in such tents.

   Pros and cons of ready-made camping baths

   The bearing base of the purchased bath-tent is a metal frame. Some models provide additional fastening of the structure to the trees. Shelter can be thick polyethylene, PVC or tarpaulin. Purchased steam rooms are more expensive than home-made counterparts, but they provide a higher level of security and last much longer. The advantages of ready-made models:

  • at the place of installation of the heating element, the material has a refractory coating;

• designs are equipped with a forced ventilation system;

• wind protection ensures the stability of the tent and creates comfortable conditions for staying in the steam room.

  Cons can be considered a considerable weight of the structure. Therefore, this device is not suitable for hiking, but is used mainly by car tourists.

   How to build a tent bath yourself?

   It is advisable to install a bath near a reservoir in a site with dense soil. Do not mount the structure in the sand, as a collapse of the tent is fraught with injuries and burns. Supporting elements are made of wooden pegs. Shelter can be made of any airtight material with refractory impregnation. There should not be large gaps in the walls and ceiling. To prevent the structure from being blown away by the wind, along the perimeter the lower edge of the canopy is covered with sand. Thin branches with foliage are laid on the floor, logs for seating are installed around the perimeter.

   A heat source or a homemade stove can serve as a heat source. To make the hearth with your own hands, you need to form a recess in the ground, lay out a kind of "well" for laying firewood with small stones. The hearth is covered with larger stones from above. It is important to know that the tent should be open while the wood is burning. You can start bathing procedures only after the focus is attenuated. To create steam on hot stones, water is poured. Often the stove is located in a separate compartment of the tent, due to which staying in the steam room becomes safer.

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