Accessories for baths and saunas

  It is difficult to imagine a visit to a bath or sauna without a set of various accessories and accessories. Various devices help to make the rest comfortable, and bath procedures useful and effective. Properly selected accessories for baths and saunas create a specific atmosphere in the steam room, the mood of the visitors is improved largely due to the use of high-quality and ergonomic accessories.

   Varieties of accessories for baths and saunas

   If you decide to take a steam bath, you will need the following accessories for the sauna and bath:

• sauna brooms (birch, oak, juniper, linden, etc.) - tools for bath massage, splashing stones, aromatization of air, steam injection;

• thermohygrometers - devices for controlling the level of temperature and humidity in the bath;

• hourglass to measure intervals of time in the steam room;

• stainless steel ladles with a wooden handle to feed water to the stones;

• cooperage products - gangs, buckets, steamers;

• washcloths, massagers, brushes for bath procedures;

• caps, bathrobes, slippers;

• chaise lounges, wooden mats, orthopedic headrests.

 Tips for choosing accessories for baths and saunas    

  When choosing clothes and footwear for the bath, make sure that these products are made of high-quality natural materials. Caps for baths and saunas are made of felt, wool or felt. For the shower room, you can buy rubber slippers with non-slip soles, and in the pair should go in felt shoes.

   Devices that are used in the bath and sauna should be made of heat-resistant materials that are not exposed to moisture. Quality bath accessories are operated for many years, without becoming covered with fungus and without losing color. For the manufacture of such products, we use high-quality thermotree. The material is environmentally friendly, safe and durable. In our assortment - thermohygrometers and hourglasses with cases from a natural tree, ladles with wooden handles, folding chaise lounges.

  Using wooden bath accessories, the visitor will not burn his hands. When heated, natural wood fills the room with an amazing natural aroma. If necessary, wood is combined with other materials - stainless steel and plastic. For example, we equip wooden steamers with an internal plastic insert and steel rings, and we make the working part of the scoops from stainless steel.

  If you want to buy accessories for baths and saunas, check out our range. The range of products from the brand "Tesli" is constantly expanding, we have almost everything for baths and saunas - from useful accessories to finishing materials from natural wood.

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