Arrangement of ventilation in the bath and sauna

 High temperature and humidity in the bath create a favorable environment for the reproduction of dangerous microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold. To avoid this, it is necessary to equip the bath with a reliable ventilation system. The air in the bath rooms should be periodically updated, all surfaces should be dried regularly. In this article we will consider the general aspects of the organization of ventilation in the bath: arrangement and errors in the installation of the ventilation system.                                               

Schemes of ventilation in the bath and sauna

  If you are interested in the question of how to make the ventilation in the bath correctly, be sure to consult with a specialist, but better - order a professional engineering project. The ventilation system should provide high-quality ventilation of all rooms - a waiting room, a rest room, a steam room, a shower room, a swimming pool.

  There are three main schemes of bath ventilation - natural, forced and combined. Natural ventilation in the bath is based on the natural movement of the air flow, when the ventilation takes place through open windows and doors. Forced ventilation provides for the installation of fans with a high degree of moisture protection. Fans should work only in one direction - for air flow or for air removal.

  Each room of the bath is equipped with two ventilation channels - supply and exhaust. The air inlets are closed with valves and valves, with which you can regulate the flow of air. If the ventilation is inefficient, then mistakes were made in choosing the location of the channels and in the selection of the technical characteristics of the fans. To prevent insects and rodents from entering the bath through the ventilation channels, metal protective grilles are used. If a bath or sauna is part of a large building, then the ventilation ducts can be connected to the general house system.

  Natural ventilation of the bath and sauna through the windows

  If for finishing all surfaces of the bath or sauna a high-quality "breathing" wood is used, then for proper ventilation in the steam room it is enough to periodically open windows and doors. When airing moisture leaves in a matter of minutes, the surface is dried much faster. Having established windows in a sauna or a bath, you will protect a construction from many problems connected with insufficient ventilation. You will not be disturbed by mold formations, condensate, unpleasant odors, rotting of wooden surfaces. Think over all the nuances of the organization of ventilation before the construction of the bath, otherwise you will have to spend big money to eliminate unpleasant consequences.


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