Care for coopers

   Sauna buckets,  steamers of quality wood serve for many years and  maintain strength and excellent appearance. But improper care can shorten the life of the cooperage. To avoid this, you need to follow some simple rules. In this article we will provide basic recommendations on how to properly care for coopers for a bath.

   Preparation of cooperage products for use

   Before first use, the cooper product must be properly prepared for use. First you need to steam the container - pour boiling water, cover with a lid and leave for half an hour. The next step is soaking: the product must be filled with cool water and left for several days. Wooden parts slightly swell, take the desired shape, the boards tightly closed. If the product is made of moisture-resistant thermowood and is equipped with an internal plastic insert, then steaming and soaking is not necessary.

   Recommendations for the care of coopers

    How to care for coopers for their remaining clean and durable?  Between bathing procedures, thoroughly dry the wooden containers - this should be done for hygienic purposes. As necessary, clean cooperage products from pollution. Do not use abrasives or products with aggressive chemicals for cleaning. To care for coopers enough warm water and brushes.

   When buckets or steamers are not used, they should preferably be freed from water. Do not leave the cooperage products for a long time under direct sunlight or in the immediate proximity of heating devices. Capacities filled with water should not stand in the cold for a long time, because water during freezing increases in volume and can deform wooden elements. Check  the cooper items periodically, check the integrity of the metal parts and the density of the tension of the steel hoops. If necessary, tighten the hoops in time and repair the accessories.

    Cooperage products should not be idle. It can not be stored for weeks without water or, on the contrary, to be filled for a long time. There is an interesting rule for the use of cooperage products: the more actively  the bath buckets and steamers are used, the longer they will serve. Of course, in this case we are talking about proper operation.

    Thus,  tips and recommendations for care are minimized for high-quality cooperage products for a bath: you just need to keep the wooden containers clean and periodically dry them. Choose reliable cooperage products made of thermowood from TM "Tesli" and taking care of them will not require great effort.

891 24/04/2019