How to care for a bath, sauna and hammam?

   Furniture, equipment, floors and walls in baths, saunas and hammams are operated in difficult conditions at elevated temperature and humidity. So that the surfaces are not covered with fungus and mold, and the air is not filled with unpleasant odors, it is necessary to properly care for all rooms - from the waiting room to the steam room. Proper care of the bath, hammam and sauna provides regular washing, disinfection, ventilation and prevention of serviceability of the equipment used.

   Regular care of the bath, sauna, hammam

   At the end of the session, you need to do the following: wash the floor with a brush or sponge, wipe the walls, raise the wooden flooring, ladders and rugs, lean them against the wall and leave to dry in an upright position. How to properly care for the hammam, so as not to damage the marble facing and mosaic? It is important to note that such surfaces can not be cleaned with abrasive compounds and hard brushes. Today, you can find a wide range of different products for washing and disinfecting baths, saunas and hammams. It is important to carefully read the instructions for detergents and apply them correctly, then cleaning will be effective and safe.

   High-quality materials for saunas and baths are not exposed to microorganisms. But if the appearance of fungal infections could not be avoided, then they need to be treated with a chlorine-based disinfectant. Regular disinfection can be done with an ultraviolet lamp. After the cleaning is completed, it is necessary to wipe dry all surfaces and ventilate the premises for several hours - open the doors and windows, open the ventilation valves.

   Activities that need to be carried out periodically

   The instructions for bathing or sauna care include activities that are not to be performed every day, but with a certain periodicity. Approximately every ten sessions, it is necessary to wash stones with a rigid brush with detergent. Once a year the set of stones should be completely updated. It is necessary to monitor the purity of the drain holes and ventilation ducts - periodically remove dirt, dust, spider from them.

   If the bath is not used for a long time, the drain is sealed with a plug. All accessories, accessories, cooperage products must be intact, if damage is detected, you need to repair or change inventory. At least annually you need to clean the stove chimney. The internal surfaces of the oven equipment are cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

   By completing all the points of our guide to the care of the sauna, bath and hammam, you will ensure the safety of bath procedures and long-term operation of equipment, decoration and furniture.


822 25/03/2019