Construction of a home bath in an apartment

   If a city dweller loves a bathhouse, but does not have the opportunity or time to visit it, then arranging a steam room in an apartment can be an excellent solution. Thanks to modern technology, this bold idea can be quite easily implemented. Of course, this will require certain costs, but the total cost of building a bath in the apartment will be lower compared to the construction of a separate building steam rooms.

   What are the benefits of a mini bath?

  The mini-bath built in the apartment is a simplified version of the steam room, but this concept has many advantages:

• allows you to enjoy bathing procedures at any time of the day, without leaving home;

• quickly mounted;

• consumes a relatively small amount of electricity;

• has a compact size, does not take up much space.

   Features of the design of a home bath in the apartment

  At home, it can be equipped with:

• stationary steam room, built on an individual project;

• a ready-made bath module designed specifically for a city apartment

  Most often, mini-saunas are installed in the bathrooms, but sometimes a part of the loggia, corridor or pantry is allocated under the steam room. The optimal dimensions of the cabin for one person - 2000x700 mm, for two - 2000x2000 mm. Thus, for the construction of a home sauna, it is enough to find at least one and a half square meters of free space. The standard height of the finished modules is 2 meters. For visitors relaxation, one- or two-tier shelves are provided. Upon request, the steam room is equipped with headrests and other bath accessories. Doors for a home-type bath can be made of natural wood or heat-resistant glass. A combination option is also possible - the installation of a wooden door with a glass insert.

  The walls are made of sandwich panels with built-in thermal insulation and interior decoration with wooden lining. An electric furnace is used as a heating device - convector or infrared. An important stage in equipping a home sauna is the arrangement of a ventilation system. It should provide efficient air exchange. For the safe operation of the steam room, it may be necessary to upgrade existing ventilation ducts. And one more prerequisite for installing a home sauna is obtaining permits from the fire safety service.

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