The door to the bathhouse and sauna: with a threshold or without a threshold?

The door to the bathhouse and sauna: with a threshold or without a threshold?

Bath and sauna doors differ from ordinary interior doors. They are made of heat-resistant and moisture-resistant materials - thermowood or tempered glass. If in the old days low doors were installed in the baths, today the doorways have a standard height of 1800 ... 2000 mm. Used stainless fittings, heat-resistant wooden handles. For thermal insulation, a sealant is placed along the contour to prevent heat from escaping from the steam room. The doors open only outward - this is a safety requirement so that in the event of a fire, visitors can easily leave the steam room.

One of the main design differences of steam room doors is the presence of a threshold. On sale you can find doors for a steam room with and without a threshold - which option is better? When is a threshold necessary and when can you do without it? In this article, we will provide useful recommendations on this issue.

Bath door - with or without threshold

The peculiarity of the microclimate in the bath is high humidity (up to 70-80%). The temperature is lower than in the Finnish sauna. The air in the steam room is not heated above 90 ° C. The main thing in a Russian bath is a good thick steam, without it bath procedures lose their essence. To prevent heat and steam from escaping into the adjacent room, a sill 10-15 cm high is placed under the door. Another function of the sill is to protect against drafts. When the door is opened, less cold air enters the steam room, which tends to move along the floor.

In the bath, not only wooden, but also glass doors are installed. The tempered glass curtain is mounted in a thermowood box. Some models of glass doors do not have a threshold, so you need to make sure it is available before purchasing. The design of wooden and glass doors for the Tesli bathhouse includes a threshold with optimal parameters, so there will be no problems with the operation of such structures.

Do I need a threshold under the door in the sauna

In the sauna, other microclimate parameters are maintained: the air heats up to 90-110 ° C, and the humidity can drop down to 5-10%. In such conditions, there is no need to completely seal the door block contour - it is allowed to install a door without a threshold with a gap of several millimeters. On our site, such models are presented in glass design. The presence of a gap does not interfere, but, on the contrary, improves the parameters of the microclimate. The sauna provides efficient air exchange so that staying in a very hot room is comfortable and safe.

How to choose a door for a bath and a sauna

Tesli is a Ukrainian manufacturer of equipment and materials for steam rooms. We manufacture products in our own production, constantly expand the range, use environmentally friendly, high-quality raw materials. We independently design and design doors so that our customers can choose the appropriate option from hundreds of different products. In our online store you can buy:

• wooden and glass doors with a threshold and a contour seal;

• glass doors without a threshold.

If you have any questions about the choice of doors for baths and saunas, please contact our specialists. Thanks to many years of experience, we know absolutely everything about equipping baths and saunas. We will be happy to provide you with technical advice, help with calculations, select materials and equipment.

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