Expoforum - connecting bridge

The extended stand  "Tesli" was presented during the International ExpoForum “Construction, Architecture, Real Estate”. Joiner's products of extra-class are almost not produced in Ukraine. The reason for this - the complexity of the process. 

Important criteria for product  of this segment:

· beauty;

· Functionality;

· Modernity;

· Naturalness;

· Innovation.

 To combine the described requirements in one product is not just skill - it`s the whole art. To find everything separately - easy. There are a lot of manufacturers in the carpentry market. A beautiful bath inventory is offered, but, unfortunately, not applicable for its intended purpose due to leaks. There are windows and doors of modern design, but losing by the criterion of durability.  From domestic manufacturers, only Tesli could organically combine all the ingredients of “Lux” quality in one product.

Therefore, the exhibition organizers were interested in the full representation of the Tesli range. Kiev International Contract Fair is a leader in the market of exhibition services (experience since 1994). After analyzing the results of the previous exhibition, the organizers could not fail to see the increased interest of visitors and forum participants to extra-class carpentry products.We were pleased that the products with the "Tesli" logo were remembered and liked by visitors of the last year’s salon. Therefore, we prepared with special diligence for the exhibition “Construction, Architecture, Real Estate 2017”. 

The organizers of Expoforum, as well as the previous time, created attractive conditions for all participants to present their products. Various stand locations  were offered for our team, technical information was promptly provided, there were no delays in connecting communications, etc. During the exhibition many interesting meetings, discussions and discussions took place.There has been some decline in the activity of private builders. Less than usual, there were representatives of large construction companies. The unpleasant aspect is explained by the protracted economic recession.

However, the main tasks set by the organizers were achieved:
· information about the goods delivered to the address visitor "from hand to hand";
· an accessible and effective method of product presentation has been improved;
· expoforum participating companies have expanded the circle of potential buyers;
· business partners were able to extend the areas of cooperation;
· participants shared their experience, modern technical achievements, and innovative work methods.

Not much time has passed since the end of the exhibition. Talking about any specific results is too early. We see Expoforum's main advantage in new opportunities that favor the realization of Tesli’s growing potential. For us, the exhibition "Construction, Architecture, Real Estate" is primarily a chance:
· Tell about the updated line of products;
· Demonstrate high quality, not in words but in deeds;
· Find out the needs and demands of consumers choosing luxury carpentry products.
Thank you all for your attention to us. Information about the full range of products you can find on our website, as well as in social networks FB, G +, VK. We are always open for cooperation with new customers and partners!

Andrei Stepantsov, director of Tesli:
- Kyiv Expoforum attracts our company, first of all, because of a large audience. Together with us dozens of domestic producers exhibit their products.The event is attended by hundreds of business people - from the world of business and science, creative people and politicians. Any exhibition is a chance to become better acquainted with those to whom the final product is addressed - for whom we invent and create. We work with expensive natural wood of elite quality. We attract the best specialists, workers of various professions, studying and introducing the latest developments of the industry to make the log turned into a joinery product.The smallest mistake of the joiner, (unlike a slip, for example, the manufacturer of nails), neither decorate nor hide will not succeed. Communication with a potential client, timely response to market demands or the emergence of new materials, technologies for us is an essential component of success.

Press Office Tesli 

687 11/08/2017