Glass doors for baths and saunas

   Glass doors harmoniously complement the bath interiors, decorated in both the classic and the modern style. Such designs are especially popular in the construction of hammams. Compared to wooden counterparts, glass door leafs have a more elegant and original appearance. For their production, not ordinary glass is used, but tempered glass is a shock-resistant material, which is produced using a special technology by alternating several heating and cooling cycles. As a result, tempered glass for the door to the sauna acquires the following properties:

   • mechanical strength, 5-6 times the strength of conventional silicate;

• high heat resistance;

• energy saving properties;

• resistance to sudden temperature changes;

• excellent thermal insulation properties.

   Doors for a sauna from the tempered glass are made from a continuous cloth or in a frame a wooden frame. The thickness of tempered glass is 6-8 mm, the reinforced version is made of 14 mm thick glass unit. The door leaf, wooden box, planimetric seal and a set of fittings - glass holders, hinges, handles, latches are included in the package.

   The advantages of glass doors for baths, saunas, hammam  

   Aesthetics. From the designer's point of view, the doors of tempered glass for the sauna are flawless. They are perfectly combined with other finishing materials, in harmony with a wooden box, due to partial transparency visually expand the room.

   Diverse design. We use various types of heat-resistant sauna glass for the manufacture of doors - colored, monochrome, frosted, transparent, tinted. The design includes decorative elements in the form of exquisite patterns and designs.

   Durability. The cloth keeps the geometrical sizes and does not react in any way to contact with steam and moisture. On the surface does not settle fungus and mold. Buying a high-quality glass door for a bath from the manufacturer, you can be sure that it will last more than a dozen years.

  Ease of operation and maintenance. In daily operation, the doors show themselves as reliable, comfortable, ergonomic design. Glass does not absorb pollution, so it does not require complex care. Thanks to the hygienicity of the doors, cleaning in the steam room and the rest room becomes less troublesome. This advantage plays a special role for public baths with a large flow of visitors.  

   In the assortment of our company - a wide selection of glass doors with a pattern and without decoration. We can purchase doors in several sizes or make an order according to individual measurements.

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