How to choose a door for a sauna.Why "Tesli" doors - the best.

How not to make a mistake in choosing a door? What is more important: aesthetics or practicality? Why are Tesli doors considered to be among the best in the domestic market? The developer has a lot of questions. Let's try to deal with them consistently.

A word to expert Vitaly Banny.

Vitaly Banny:

- Tesli, where I work as a lead manager, is a unique enterprise. From 1997 to the present day, the management of the company is faithful to the principles of a full technological cycle - our specialists are involved in the work at the stage of selecting a standing tree.

 From the preparation of the material to processing, to the delivery of the product to the customer, we always follow the basic concept of the company - quality, reliability, timeliness. The doors created by our specialists reliably serve in conditions of  temperature changes and high humidity, and, in fact, have no analogues in Ukraine.

Why Tesli - the best option for baths, saunas, hammams? Because we do not depend on "suppliers" and we can guarantee the quality of the complete,  finished product, and any of its parts or components separately - from the board to the last screw.

How to start choosing the door?

First of all, you should decide on the requirements that you put in the first place:

· High energy saving;

· Beauty and aesthetics;

· The door should suit  the design of a steam room and a rest room;

Wooden doors for sauna

Making a high-quality wooden door for the sauna requires not only selecting lumber. The door panel is making, as a sandwich, from various components.
Due to this, it is achieved:

reliable waterproofing;
steam protection;
increased thermal insulation.

In the range of Tesli models there are such  that have been popular for decades. Such as, for example, the door "Deaf - L", which has a record low thermal conductivity. To get a red-hot steam room equipped with a long-lived door, you need much less energy. It allows to save electricity, fuel and time. Combined doors such as "MAX" and "Avangard-1" have similar thermal insulation parameters. The main advantage of these models is the presence of 14 mm glass in the upper part of the door panel.  The transparent insert allows to control the situation in the steam room, without leaving the prebathing room.

In the bath, every detail is important. 
A door is not only a canvas, but also a jamb, a heat-resistant seal contour, fittings, and other elements. Choosing the door, pay attention to the, so-called, details! If the manufacturer made at least one, even a little mistake, you will definitely notice it. Some problems will “crawl out” immediately, others will show themselves in time.
We provide a one-year warranty on any finished product and its components. Our company manufactures jambs of linden  or thermolinden only on its own, specially developed Tesli technology. 

During the technical process, the details of the jamb are spliced ​​by the factory method, which allows to avoid in the future:

· Cracking;

· Warping;

· Deformations;

· Changes in the geometric parameters of the timber.

Innovative technology was tested experimentally in different types of baths:

· Steam room;

· Sauna;

· Hammam

During the assembly and further exploitation of the doors, they have proven themselves well:

· German accessories;

· Stainless steel latches and glass holders;

· The hinges do not corrode.

On the "Tesli" doors you will see only branded wooden handles - comfortable, ergonomic, absolutely not traumatic. 

New materials in the design of bath complexes

The jamb, assembled by our experts, is ideal for  wooden or glass doors. In the model range Tesli presents various options for glass doors with a pattern. 
Glass is a universal natural material. Recently, durable transparent constructions of tempered glass are widely used in the design of various interiors. From home to office. We use 6 and 8 mm tempered glass for making original, fashionable, stylish door panels for bath. This type of our products is especially popular for the construction of hammams.

Transparent doors:

· Functional;

· Practical;

· Beautiful;

· Modern;

· Visually expand the room;

· Easily combined with various materials and interiors.

Among the favorites of Tesli is the door for the hamam "Sesame", the "Sateen" and "Bamboo Forest" sauna doors.

Tempered Wonder Glass

Tempered glass sheet - safe, impact-resistant material with a low coefficient of heat loss. It is ideal for the manufacture of modern bath doors. Due to the features of production (multiple alternations of heating and cooling), stress areas are formed in the silicate layer, which increase its mechanical strength by 5-6 times.

6 or 8 mm tempered glass door panel:

· Do not afraid of shocks that are destructive for ordinary glass of the same thickness;
· Endures sharp temperature drops;
· Retains heat in the room;
· In case of destruction, glass crumbles into small fragments with blunt edges, which do not create any additional problems.

According to the current quality standards, when striking with a sharp 75 gram hammer on a tempered glass measuring 100x100 cm, it should crumble not less than 160 fragments.
Glass is a hygienic, hypoallergenic material. It is easy and simple to look after glass products, to keep them clean. The high aesthetic qualities of the material have played a large role in the distribution of glass in the building industry.
Glass can be transparent and opaque, with a pattern or ornament, multi-colored and monochrome. Glass doors are a decent alternative to wood.

What else you should pay attention when choosing a door to the sauna
Aesthetics, beauty, naturalness ... Every detail of the interior of the bath complex should create a special atmosphere of relaxation. After all, the door to the bath is the door to another world, a world of calm and relaxation. Tesli products are designed in the same style and fully corresponds with all declared parameters.

The heat-saving and energy-saving doors that came off the assembly line 20 years ago still faithfully serve our customers.If you wish, you can upgrade any of the elements of the door - we use the same high-quality fittings, we produce the same stylish Tesli handles, just like a few decades ago. New models of doors do not crowd out the previous ones, but simply add variety to the company's line of offerings.

Piece of advice from the master

When designing a sauna, you can choose any door size and even any shape. We are ready to accept any individual order. However, if you prefer one of several popular dimensions, you can seriously save.
For today we create doors in the size:
· 1900x700 mm;
· 2000х700 mm;
· 2050x800 mm.
An important advantage of Tesli doors is versatility. They can be installed so that they open left or right. Hung door, if you do not like it - no problem! Change the direction of opening is easy. Manipulations on the re-hanging of the door panel are easy, simple, and even a novice developer can handle.

Choose a thermolinden
As mentioned above, the Tesli bath door  jamb is made from high quality dried linden or thermolinden. What is the difference between these, consonant in name, materials?  Thermal wood is a special, innovative product that combines naturalness and at the same time high protection qualities, akin to modern polymers. You can read more detailed information about thermolinden here. To increase the service life, improve the water-repellent properties, and to give the timber a beautiful creamy-cognac shade, the blanks are processed with special oil impregnation.

For over 20 years we have been manufacturing carpentry products of the elite segment, accessories for baths, saunas, hammam.  The full range of products you can find on our website, as well as in social networks.

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