How to save money when building of sauna

How to save money when building of sauna
10 tips from the manager of the company "Tesli" Vitaly Bannyy
I was inspired  to write an article on the website, dedicated to the topic of how to save your money at building of saunas, because last time people frequent calls in the company "Tesli" with requests to help build a sauna by themselves. Young people and elders call us. Not only men, even their wives call us. If raised  topic is interesting for customers, let's discuss it together. Moreover, the construction by yourself and savings  - almost the same.

Often, the customer has a room that he can convert in a sauna. Is it possible to build a sauna with own hands if there are time, desire, certain skills in construction, but there is no experience in the arrangement? My answer, as answer of an expert in the sauna construction: “Friends, this is no big deal!”.

The company "Tesli" for more than two decades, makes products that widely demanded in the Ukrainian construction sites. Our "woodwork" is mounted on objects in different areas, but primarily used in saunas, baths, hammams. We deliver the highest quality product.
Analogues of products "Tesli"  on the territory of Ukraine are not exist and similar in quality are produced only abroad. Building the bath with our material is like a folding Lego - choose any design of object and mount for your pleasure. All items have the stated size, so it is not necessary to adjust anything. If you have basic knowledge, equipping saunas - is an easy thing for you.
Today on the market there is a clear trend - people avoid contact with  the professional  installers, and slowly build a sauna by themselves. With saving on the brigade of masters, owners decrease the budget, planed to spend  on the construction, to comfortable size. You can list huge pile of advantages, but first and foremost - to build sauna on your own is very beneficial economically.

How we can save money without losing quality?
I want to give a good example of life. Once, my classmate, resident of Kharkov Nikolai Podtopta, called me. He recalled that at the meeting of high school friends we were talking about where each of us works, and I told that I have a direct relation to the theme of sauna. He did not forget that table conversation on the banks of the Vorskla and now, after considerable period of time it is so useful for him.

     Sauna, built of materials of company “Tesli” by Nikolai Podtopta, described on photo.

Nikolai had the idea to build his own sauna. He asked me to help not right away.  At first he visited several specialized salons, where he understood that a pleasure like a private sauna is not cheap. However, he did not give up.
After buying a country house in Zmiev his life has changed. Nikolai used it for family vacation and  picnic. There he had been charged with energy and positive mood. 

But on the plans to order a turnkey construction, was put a cross, but not on the dream of a sauna.

I was pleased to help ex-classmate, that is why I so heartily supported his desire to get a home sauna. We tried to understand how realistic is to realize the dream about home sauna for a  person without special knowledge.
Of course, his part of plan Nikolai had to perform on his own: to spy something on the Internet, to create something by himself, but the most important -  we made a final decision - Nikolai will have a home sauna! So, the starting point was passed, where is hidden the first and most substantial saving.

First of all, my friend was interested, how ordered stuff in  the company "Tesli" gets in Kharkov, how much costs delivery, because the amount of the order is so massive. Then I calmed him immediately. The company "Tesli" for a long time been working closely with the service "InTime".

10 years we help each other, making for our customers the most profitable prices. Delays in the delivery are extremely rare, item comes in full completeness, without damage.

Convenient and inexpensive delivery - this is the second point of saving time and money. You do not need to search for the carrier with the best prices for a massive orders - "In Time" is beyond comparison.

    The company "Tesli" and the delivery service "In Time" have been partners since 2007. This is a good and mutually beneficial cooperation.
I note that Nikolai did a sauna for family - with no frills: lighting, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and other nice, but unnecessary "bells and whistles". Such saunas  is not uncommon.

Selection of "woodwork" we started with a door. My friend studied prices on the market and came to the conclusion that linden door prices "bite". He decided to ask my opinion about this product. I confirmed that the door, which he chose at our competitors - a good choice. The company that he likes is supplying really decent products. Pleased him company delivers really decent products. But!
This company overseas, so at formation of prices it takes into account:

  • currency fluctuations;
  • transportation costs;
  • necessity to customs clearance;
  • Foreign level of salary, which is different from the average Ukrainian salary.

Thus,  the door "Tesli"  of identical quality  costs at least twice less. This trend is valid for the full range of joinery products.  When you buy goods of domestic manufacturer you have the third important point of saving.

Nikolai preferred to heat the steam room with an electric furnace, not wood burning stove. For such conditions, I advised one of my favorite models of doors called "Vanguard-1." It made of high-quality linden with clear glass "window" of the original form, located at the top. The insert is made of glass, which has thickness 14mm, which serves as a viewing window, collected from two 4 mm glass between which is a 6 mm air gap. 

Why did I recommend this model for a bath with electric furnace:

  • tempered glass;
  • insulated glazing safely withstand temperatures over 200⁰ C;
  • the presence of the transparent part that allows to control the situation in the steam room;
  • thick door leaf, with the steam and heat insulation;
  • high- quality  door seal.

You can read more details about the doors "Tesli" on our website.
We approached to the fourth point of savings - reducing spending on heat generating device.
Thanks unique insulating qualities of the door, you do not need an expensive electric fireplace with improved productivity. But that is not all.
You will save on every visit to the steam room. Fifth way to save money - a reduction in energy.  It is much less needed electricity to keep the desired temperature in the heat room, so it is important point of saving. Such door, as "Vanguard-1", savings 30-40 percent of the heat.

My ex-classmate agreed with my arguments, and was pleased with the purchase and killing, as people say, two birds with one stone.
The sixth point of saving my friend went through the lining stage, choosing a cheaper option.

A lot of lamellas are needed, so any difference in the cost of a unit of goods in the end gives a solid plus. Models  "Extra" and "Lux" are recommended for the steam room of sauna. Extra class is the highest quality. Polished lining, like paper to the touch. The surface of the slats are smooth. Without any knot, without adhesions - it leaves nothing to be desired. "Lux" is cheaper, although there are no fundamental differences from "Extras": 

· "Lux"  is processing by the same machines;

· It is absolutely smooth;

· Has no gluing.

The only difference is that in the bar of the category "Lux" there is a small 3-5 mm non-falling knot. Some such lining, giving the sauna naturalness, like even more "Extra-class." The choice of my friend was given in favor of "Lux".

Next, we looked at all the options for the bench. Shelves are mounted from this timber, on which visitors of the steam room so much love to hover their bones. Between the models "Extra" and "Lux" a classmate again chose a more budget option. Thus, his sauna was sustained in the same style - the shelves and the paneling had a small knot

. At the same time, we successfully forced the seventh point of savings.

Then we chose the assembly bar. Nikolay with a tape measure performed simple measuring manipulations, and I calculated the exact consumption of lumber. The number of mounting profile is calculated based on measurements of the height and length of the room. Without stock, without shortage.

The exact calculation of the consumption of "carpentry" - the eighth point savings.

Even in the case of a small error in the measurements, we can always send the missing material to the customer to complete the repair. At least one stick, at least two. For us there is nothing difficult or inconvenient. I emphasize an important detail. Rational order does not exceed the needs for construction. It is always better to err on the downside. Otherwise, you will be buried in a bunch of under-used profile, which, if not cool, but costs a lot.

The NINTH item of economy concerns a covering of prebathing premises. From a small room next to the sauna, my friend decided to make a relaxation area, where it is pleasant to drink tea with medicine, during the break between visits to the steam room. For such purposes, lining "Lux" is a little expensive. It is worth paying attention to the range of budget profile:

· Category A - one gluing is allowed in the array;

· Category B - two or more gluing along the length of the strip;

· Category "Natur" - with a small, point, natural knot.

If you choose one of the budget lining types for plating, you will save the natural look of the interior, the natural smell of linden will be absolutely the same in the rooms, but you will get away from cost overruns. Here are 9 major savings points that we went through with the Kharkiv citizen, who decided to build independently. He recently tested his sauna and sent a photo of the completed repair. Thanks, invited to visit.

Summing up, I will say that, as my classmate was convinced, it is relatively easy to build a sauna yourself, of course, if you choose good business stuff. Materials "Tesli" is famous for its flawless geometry. Therefore, you will not experience any problems with installation. Working with our materials is easy. All parts fit perfectly together. The doors are made on high-precision equipment, so their installation does not cause difficulties.

In the end I will sound a couple of professional advice.

Starting construction, take a look at our website and familiarize yourself with the standards adopted in production and product parameters. Start at the door. We manufacture doors in the following linear dimensions:

· 1900x700 mm;

· 2000х700 mm;

· 2050x800 mm.

Make the appropriate opening and you will avoid the expensive individual order of the door, winning not only in money but also in time - the Tenth point of saving.

After all, for the urgency of the order will have to pay an additional, plus a few weeks to wait. Why invent a bicycle when there are doors of all the sizes mentioned in stock? From a call to a company to be installed in a sauna, a maximum of three days will be spent, with the condition of delivery to any place in Ukraine.


Before you start building a sauna, go through the Internet. Before you, hundreds of healthy couple enthusiasts did it. So the recommendations for the construction of baths in the network is more than enough.


Do not be afraid to take up the construction of bath. My comrade, he started himself, but then he attracted a good handy neighbor to help him. I am sure that you, too, somewhere in the neighborhood live exactly the same master or godfather “golden hands”. Turn to him. You will not be denied help - checked by life! The joint business is wonderful - a reason to make friends closer.


Conceiving the basic equipment of the sauna, you will get a taste during construction and you will want to decorate the room with the appropriate attributes. We offer original and functional head restraints, fencing for lamps. Check out the full range of our products in the Cooper products section. I am convinced that you will not be easy to resist buying bath equipment.

 Good luck! Build with your own hands, go out with your friends!


Cheap door for a bath to buy from the manufacturer 

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