The effect of bath procedures on the human nervous system

It's no secret that people go to the bath house not only for hygiene procedures, but for a good rest. Bath procedures help to relax, fill with positive emotions, improve mood. And this is not only a positive psychological impact. The bath affects the functioning of the nervous system on a physical level. How is this happening? Staying in a humid room at elevated temperatures, cold douche, massage using a broom - all this contribute to increased blood flow in all organs. At the same time, a person experiences a slight feeling of inhibition, excessive excitability goes away.

   The beneficial effect of bath procedures on the nervous system

• The hypertonicity in the muscles is removed, a feeling of complete relaxation sets in, the feeling of anxiety is neutralized.

• A powerful positive effect is achieved due to exposure to skin receptors of hot air, water, steam, massage devices.

• The processes that occur during a visit to the bath help to improve sleep, reduce symptoms of neurosis, improve appetite, and normalize the functioning of the central nervous system.

• People who regularly visit a bath or sauna, note an improvement in memory and concentration, increased physical stamina.


   How to avoid the negative consequences of visiting the steam room?

 A positive effect can only be achieved if all the rules for visiting the bath and sauna are observed. If, for example, you stay in the steam room for too long, drink alcohol, violate the rules of broom massage, then the consequences for the nervous system can turn out to be most adverse, including dizziness and loss of consciousness. The maximum length of stay is 3 hours. For one visit, it is advisable to stay in the steam room for no longer than 10-15 minutes, depending on age and health. After increased physical exertion, you need to give the body a rest of 20-30 minutes and only then go to the steam room. A negative effect can be obtained in violation of the operating rules of the steam room and equipment for the bath: for example, if the steam room is not ventilated or the furnace is heated without observing safety precautions.

716 23/10/2019