Installation of doors in the bath and sauna

Reliability of doors - one of the main conditions for the proper functioning of the bath and sauna. The choice and installation of such structures should be done repsponsibly. To avoid any problems, read the installation instructions for the doors to the sauna or entrust the installation to specialists. Doors must provide heat insulation, protect the room from getting inside of moisture and steam. Requirements are high to the material of the doors for the sauna and bath: the leaf and the jamb should not be deformed when used in hot and humid rooms. The surface should not be heated, so the option of installing metal doors in the steam room is excluded. It is undesirable to install plastic constructions because of their fragility and low heat resistance.

   How to choose the material for the door to the bath and sauna

   Optimal materials for the manufacture of doors to the bath and sauna - thermowood, tempered glass or a combination of both. Heat-treated wood does not swell, does not rot when it is in contact with moisture and steam. Wooden doors are made in the form of a sandwich with an internal insulating filler. Tempered glass has a high impact strength, provides excellent thermal insulation. For aesthetics, these options are equivalent: wooden doors emphasize the beauty of a traditional bath, and installing a glass door in the steam room makes the interior stylish and modern.

   Special installation of doors to the bath and sauna

   How to install the door in the steam room, so that the constraction was reliable and durable? Design of new models of wooden and glass doors for baths and saunas include everything you need for installation - a wooden frame with a threshold, stainless fittings (handles, hinges), contour seals, glass holders. It remains only to piece together all these elements into a single whole, so the complexity of installing the doors is minimized. A door frame with a threshold retains an exact geometric shape, so the installation of a glass door to the sauna is greatly simplified.

   Doors to the bath and sauna are installing according to the same rules as in other buildings. First of all, the door frame is mounted, its position is leveled by the building level, the gaps are filled with mounting foam. After installing the frame, the door leaf is hung on the hinges, and the door trim are installed. When installing it should be remembered that the door in the steam room should open outwards.  The installation of doors has the specific features in the wooden house. Before installing the doors, the  house should stand for at least six months - during this time the wood shrinks. When the  house is settled, openings are cut in it and doors are mounted. 

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