The products of Tesli are presented at the International Building Exhibition InterBuildExpo 2018 in Kiev

From 20 to 23 March 2018 in Kiev, the International Building Exhibition InterBuildExpo 2018 - a grandiose event, the most prestigious and authoritative construction exhibition in Ukraine. More than 600 companies from all over the world (Belarus, Turkey, Latvia, Poland, etc.) gathered at the Kiev International Exhibition Center to share their achievements in construction, repair, architecture, landscape design. The exhibition was visited by more than 20 thousand people. The exposition stands presented unique developments - building and finishing materials, window and door systems, plumbing, furniture, tools and equipment, decor and lighting elements.

Forum InterBuildExpo 2018 opens the doors for professionals in their field every year since 1994. To take part in such an exhibition is an honor for any company. We are already the fourth time we receive an invitation from the organizers and we represent the woodworking branch of Ukraine on an international level with dignity. For our company it is an excellent opportunity to show new products, gain useful technical information, establish professional contacts, find partners and determine the vector of further development. We strive to stay ahead of time and give the client even more than he wants. And this helps us to participate in such events as InterBuildExpo.

The unique exhibition pavilion "Tesli"

Actively working, we created an exposition pavilion in which every element, from floor to ceiling, is made in our production. We made every effort to simultaneously show the functionality, practicality and beauty of their products. The result met our expectations - the stand of Tesli was attracted by the high attention of honorable guests of the exhibition, foreign delegations, partners, dealers, potential customers.

We presented the main products of the brand - wooden doors and windows for baths, cooperage products, lamps, decking, decoration materials. Pursuing the design of the pavilion, we wanted to not just show a few individual items of our products, but to create a real bath relax corner with numerous functional elements that can be touched, carefully examined, checked in action.

We introduced the doors of our own production of tempered glass into the design of the pavilion and a hinged window for the sauna and sauna. Visitors checked how doors and windows were opened and closed, they were happy to "test" the operation of buckets and waterfalls, studied the construction of potholes and seals and, of course, enjoyed the beauty and energy of natural wood.

Great interest was caused by our novelty - a wooden bucket, the inner surface of which is made of stainless steel. In this design, we managed to combine the original aesthetics of the wooden cooperage product and the reliability of stainless cookware. The steel layer makes the bucket more functional, reliable and durable.

We were pleasantly surprised that, as a result, the exposition event turned for our company into an exhibition and sale. Exhibits scattered like hot cakes. Visitors actively bought products of Tesli, made orders, offered cooperation, which we were certainly very pleased with.

InterBuildExpo - results and future plans

We have been working in the production of wooden products for a bath for more than 20 years, but for a second we have not ceased to develop, grow, strive for new heights. Participation in the exhibition allowed us to better understand the needs of the end user, to make a statement in the international arena. Having received a high appraisal of our products, we once again became convinced that the main components of success in our industry are the highest quality of wood, the introduction of innovative technologies and the realization of a full production cycle.

It is especially valuable for our customers that they purchase Ukrainian products created by the hands of Ukrainian talented craftsmen. Through the efforts of our team, domestic woodworking has reached the European level, and in some cases even broke ahead. And we will do our best so that next year on InterBuildExpo 2019 it will be pleasant to surprise visitors and present even more interesting novelties and original developments. Stay with us!

1038 07/05/2018