Recommendations for the installation of windows in the bath and sauna

   If you decided to build a bath or sauna, you probably wondered: how many window openings should be in the room, how to install a window in the bath, are  windows needed in the steam room and what material should they be made of? The principles of glazing of the rooms do not work here, because the bath and sauna have a very specific microclimate.

   Installation of windows in the steam room and other areas of the bath and sauna

   There is an opinion that there is no need to install the window in the steam room. But this is fundamentally wrong, the windows are simply necessary for full ventilation. Traditionally, the window in the steam room is installed opposite the entrance door above the shelf. This location provides good natural light and allows you to quickly dry the room.

  To make the steam room lighter, you can install an additional picture window on another wall. Sometimes a small window is mounted under one of the shelves to better dry the bottom of the room. At least one window should be placed in the washroom. According to the fire safety requirements, the size of this opening window should be enough so that in case of a fire, visitors can get outside.

   Installation of wooden windows in the bath is carried out in a special box   from the bars. The presence of such  box will not allow the window to twist as the building shrinks. Installation of the window frame in the casing is carried out by  screws or using anchors. Liquid nails and constraction foam are used for sealing.

   Advantages of windows from a thermotree for a bath and a sauna

   Now let's talk about what material the window frames should be made of and which window is better in the sauna and the bath to be installed. Metal structures do not withstand high temperature and humidity. We recommend choosing a more reliable alternative - windows for a sauna and a bath from a thermowood. These are specialized structures that are designed for use in hot and humid areas.

1195 02/04/2019