Rules for visiting the bath with children

 Parents have different attitudes to visiting a bath with children. Some mothers and fathers boldly bathe with babies, others do not even allow schoolchildren to take procedures. At what age can children go to the bathhouse and what rules should be followed? To answer this question, you need to individually assess the health status of the baby, weigh the pros and cons, consult a doctor - and only then make a decision.

   At what age can a child be accustomed to a bath?

 Experts do not recommend starting training in bathing procedures in infancy. The child will be ready to visit the bath only after 2.5-3 years. It is important to provide not only physical, but also psychological comfort for the baby so that bath procedures do not become stress for him. A visit to the bath is contraindicated in children in such cases:

 • in the acute period of the development of viral, inflammatory diseases;

• at elevated body temperature;

• for diseases of the nervous system, vascular pathologies;

• with the development of skin inflammation and allergic reactions;

• for chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

   How to prepare your child for a sauna?

 First of all, you should consult a pediatrician and, if necessary, take tests. If the doctor does not prohibit visiting the bath, you need to go through the preparatory stage: organize a mini-steam room at home with gentle conditions, periodically introduce the baby to a specific microclimate, and make contrasting dousing. At the first stage, the temperature difference should not exceed 3-5 degrees, gradually this interval should be increased. The first visits to the "adult" steam room should last only a couple of minutes with an interval of a quarter of an hour. Next, you need to evaluate the well-being of the child and gradually increase the duration of the procedures to 5-7 minutes. Even if the child feels great in the steam room, you should not take him to the sauna more than once a week.

 We must not forget about the safety rules: do not leave the baby in the steam room alone, do not put him on the upper shelf, do not allow him to go to the oven, and do not allow playing with bath accessories. And most importantly: it is very important to tell your child in advance in an accessible form about the sauna, about bathing procedures, their purpose and benefits. It is necessary to interest the baby so that he looks forward to his first visit. If you take the process responsibly and turn the trip into the bathhouse into a fun game, then the pleasure for the whole family will be provided!

884 23/10/2019