Rules for visiting the Turkish hammam

The Turkish hammam differs from the Russian bath with a more gentle temperature regime. Such conditions are ideal for people who have just started to get acquainted with the bath art. Air is heated to 40-50 degrees and saturated with essential oils, while maintaining a very high level of humidity. Procedures in the hammam are suitable for people who are contraindicated in sudden temperature changes. Also, the differences between the hammam and the Russian bath are in the way of interior decoration of the steam room. If the Russian bath uses a lining or a bar for finishing, the hammam is designed mainly with marble.

Rules for visiting the hammam

Before the first visit, be sure to study the rules of visiting the Turkish hamam. It is important to understand that such baths are divided into female and male. In the hammam there are several prohibitions: you can not walk without clothes, drink cool drinks and drink alcohol. It is recommended not to eat an hour before visiting the Turkish bath.
On average, a session in a Turkish bath takes an hour and a half, but with good health it is quite permissible to steam for longer. The optimal frequency of visiting the hammam is once a week. There are several contraindications - oncological diseases, asthma, varicose veins, kidney disease, thyroid gland. If you have other health problems, you can go to a Turkish bath only after consulting a doctor.

Hammam device

To understand how to properly go to a Turkish bath, you need to understand the internal structure of the hammam. The visit begins in the jamekan - the lobby, in which there is a relaxation area, tables for tea drinking and a cloakroom. Further visitors are directed to Sogukluk - a washing room equipped with shower cabins. The air temperature here is increased to 35 degrees. The main room, called Hararet, is equipped with a central firebox, marble benches and a swimming pool.

Visiting Hammam: the sequence of actions

Go to Hararet, take a horizontal position on the lounger and wait for the appearance of drops of sweat, after which you can proceed to massage. In the hammam, massage procedures are carried out with woolen gloves with mandatory application of fragrant oils. After massage, it is recommended to cleanse the skin with a special soap on a plant basis. The final stage is a visit to a swimming pool or a cool shower. Cold water closes the pores and fixes the healing effect. Further it is recommended to put a nourishing cream on the skin, go to jamekan, drink a cup of oriental tea. Only after the body has completely cooled down, you can go out into the street.

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