Hygiene rules when visiting baths and saunas

   Warm and humid air is an ideal environment for the spread of pathogens. To visit the steam room was safe for health, it is not enough to monitor the cleanliness of all surfaces. Each visitor must take care of personal hygiene in the bath and sauna.

   General rules for hygiene in the bath

   Before going to the steam room, visitors should take a shower with warm water. It is necessary to wash with the use of solid soap and washcloth, and after the shower should be wiped dry with a towel. It is strictly not recommended to enter the steam room barefoot. To protect the feet from the fungus, it is advisable to use closed rubber slippers with non-slip soles. These recommendations are not limited to public baths. Often, people think that if only close relatives use the sauna and there are no unauthorized people in the steam room, then the rules for visiting the sauna can be ignored. But this is fundamentally wrong: in any case, before visiting the bath, you should wash off the pollution.

   During bath procedures, the human body actively removes toxins through breathing and skin. All these harmful substances spread on the surfaces of shelves, shops, floors, walls. Therefore, you should not lie down or sit without bedding, and after leaving the sauna you should visit the shower again, wash off the sweat and toxic components released from it. And by the way, it is very important to pay attention to the cleanliness of sheets and towels, which are issued in public baths, and ideally - to take their accessories with you.

   In order for the steam room not to become a torture "gas chamber", you should regularly ventilate the room. The public bath should be ventilated at least five times an hour, and in the home steam room the air should be updated after each session of the bath procedures. Washing of shelves, deck chairs, floors, walls, wooden and glass doors for the sauna and bath should be carried out using a large amount of water.

   It should be noted that the possibility of compliance with the rules of hygiene must be ensured even during the construction phase of the bath. The steam room must be equipped with a reliable ventilation system and drain channels. Be sure to have a shower with hot water. All surfaces should be made of materials suitable for regular cleaning.

   Remember that observing the simple rules of personal hygiene when visiting the sauna, you will protect not only yourself, but also other visitors from serious health problems.

2206 27/05/2019