Rules of procedures in the Russian bath

One of the most popular ways of leisure is bath and bath procedures. Experienced lovers of the bath know everything about it. But what about newcomers who want to know the full depth of the art of the bath and not make any mistakes? With what to begin, how to get the maximum benefit, how to provide a comfortable rest? You will find answers to these questions in our article.
Preparation for bathing procedures
Before the first hike in the bath you need to prepare carefully: it's easy to have a snack (but do not overeat!) And arm yourself with a good mood. Do not go to steam immediately after the gym, rest from physical exertion for at least half an hour. You will need special equipment-a bath cap, a towel, mittens, a sheet and, of course, a broom. In advance, please specify if the steam room is equipped with high-quality cooperage products for the bath - they will make your rest more comfortable.
Key recommendations
Before visiting the sauna, take a warm shower without soap and do not wet your hair - it will protect your head from overheating. Do not immediately rush to the therma, first spend a few minutes in the dressing room. Warm air rises from the bottom-up, so when entering the steam room, first of all, take the lower shelf - so the body will gradually get used to heating.
Take a horizontal position, legs and head should be approximately at the same level. A little rest and only then go to the use of a bath broom. These simple rules of visiting the bath will help you avoid bad health. Before leaving the steam room, spend a couple of minutes in a quiet state on the bottom shelf.
Having no experience of going to the bath, be careful with the cooling procedures. Ice shower or wiping snow leave for the future, and for the first time, limit yourselves to pouring water at room temperature. Do all movements in the steam room slowly, without a sharp change in the position of the body.
For women, the question is especially relevant: what procedures should be done in the bath? Almost everything is allowed here: masks for face and hair, the use of scrubs on a natural basis, massage.
Precautionary measures
There is an important rule of visiting a Russian bath: do not steam for colds, viral diseases, high body temperature, severe physical fatigue, exacerbation of chronic diseases. During pregnancy and feeding, you can only bathe after consulting a doctor. Do not drink alcohol in the bath. If you feel dizzy, heart palpitations, nausea, shortness of breath, immediately leave the steam room and rest in a ventilated room. With further deterioration of well-being, call an ambulance.
Bath beauty procedures should be carried out only in the intervals between the visit of the steam room. As for the favorable time of the day, it is better to bathe in the morning hours. Limit one session per 10-15 minutes. Do not stay in the sauna for more than two to three hours a day. Following our recommendations, you will get from bathing procedures not only pleasure, but also health benefits.

840 05/09/2018