Rules of procedures in the sauna

Sauna - a great way to relax and improve. In this article we will tell you how to visit the sauna in order to get maximum pleasure and benefit.
Preparatory stage
Before visiting, you must take a shower with warm water without soap. Do not enter the steam room with wet hair, head should be protected with a special bath hat. Take along a sheet and two towels - for the body and for the face. Rubber slippers leave the steam room behind the door and remove the metal jewelry.
Visiting the sauna: basic rules
People often wonder how to bathe in a sauna and can a sauna broom be used? The fact is that the air in the sauna is dry, in contrast to the bath. In such conditions, you can not use a broom - this can lead to burns. Relaxation in the sauna means a quiet inactivity and relaxation with periodic cooling. Experienced visitors cool in a cold pool, and newcomers often have a shower with slightly warm water.
We advise starting with a rest on the lower shelf, then the body will gradually get used to heating. In the first minutes you should take a horizontal position, so that your legs and head are in the same temperature mode. If the thermae is equipped with windows for a sauna, you should not open them during the procedures. It is recommended to stay in the steam room for no more than 15 minutes per one run, and the first session should be limited to 4-8 minutes. In total, the sauna is allowed to stay no more than 3 hours a day.
Precautionary measures
Before visiting the sauna, you should not drink alcohol and eat tightly, but you should not bathe on an empty stomach. You can not do a deep peeling and anti-cellulite massage. Also it should be remembered that in the SPA sauna the procedures should be carried out only in between breaks in the steam room. It is undesirable to go to the sauna immediately after the end of the sports training, let the body cool down after an exercise session for at least 20 minutes. In the intervals between visits to the steam room, be sure to drink clean water or herbal decoctions to fill the deficiency of fluid in the body.
Contraindications to visiting the sauna are cancer, chronic illness during an exacerbation, fever, a tendency to thrombosis or bleeding, skin infections, age of up to 6 years. Pregnant and lactating can take in the sauna procedures only after consulting a doctor. After the steam room you must take a shower with a natural scrub. Optimum frequency of visiting the sauna - once a week.

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