Sauna windows

Sauna windows

The company "Tesli" offers to buy windows for baths, saunas and hammams - exclusive products that have no analogues in Ukraine.

We carry out all operations to prepare the wood, manufacture and assembly windows without intermediaries in our own workshops -  it allows us to control the quality of products on every stage of the production process and at the same time to maintain a loyal pricing policy.

Windows for saunas of the trade mark "Tesli" - certified goods, which have all the necessary hygienic conclusions.

                                                               Why are the windows for saunas "Tesli" the best?

"Breathing" properties and environmental friendliness. The natural tree saves an optimal indoor microclimate, so the air in the sauna always stays fresh. Windows that are 100% made of natural materials do not emit toxic components when heated, making bathing procedures really healthy.

High thermal insulation and energy saving. Tempered triple-glazed window thickness of 38 mm keeps the heat in the sauna at any time of the year and withstands critical temperature changes. Heat does not leave the steam room through the windows, which avoids unnecessary costs for fuel and electricity overruns.

Decent appearance. Wooden windows harmoniously complement the cozy atmosphere of modern saunas, decorated in eco-style.

Quick installation. The windows are designed in such a way that their installation is carried out without much labor.

We offer to buy windows for bathhouses and saunas of various modifications:

 •     Deadlight windows are the most affordable option. This window does not open, but lets in the room a soft natural light.  

 •     Turn windows - a standard one- or two-casement window unit on hinges. The obvious advantage of the design is the possibility of ventilating the steam room.   

•      Combined models - wide windows consisting of a blind and turning casement.

 •      Tilt windows - constructions with fixing of the casement in several positions.

Wooden windows for the bath are equipped with reliable German stainless steel fittings.Tilt and turn structures are manufactured with a reliable contoured seal.

Windows "Tesli" for baths and saunas are in demand among design studios, construction companies, as well as private clients who want to order the construction of a luxurious bath or to build a sauna with their own hands.

You can order windows of any size - the production time is 21 days. Dimensions of ready designs available in stock, please contact the manager.

Leader of sales!
Window for pivoting Tesli sauna 600 x 500
Window for a sauna Tesli "turning" 600 x 500
View: SwivelA type: Window for bath and sauna

4175.00 грн.

Window for folding sauna Tesli 1000 x 500
Window for a sauna Tesli Tilting 1000 x 500
View: SwivelA type: Window for bath and sauna

5463.00 грн.

Windows for baths and saunas Tesli "blind" 600 x 500
Window for a bath and a sauna Tesli "blank" 600 x 500
Height of the door frame: 500 mmBox width: 600 mm

6200.00 грн.

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