Shelves for baths and saunas: design features and the choice of material

 One of the most important elements of bath equipment is wooden shelves designed for the rest of visitors and for bathing procedures. In this article we will tell you what shelves should be in banya how to choose the right material for their manufacture.

Design features shelves for baths and saunas

   The main structural elements of the shelves for the bath - supporting frame and flooring. For the manufacture of flooring used a special material - wooden bench. In some cases, the shelf is not equipped with a stationary, and removable flooring, which can be periodically ventilated and dried outside the steam room. For convenience, the shelves can be equipped with headboards and orthopedic headrests.

    What should be the shelves in the bath so that the rest in the steam room was useful and comfortable? First of all, an adult should be freely placed on the shelf. Shelves have one, two or three tiers and are located along the walls. Enough space should be provided between the upper tier and the ceiling. For equipping small steam rooms, compact corner structures are often used, which allow for rational use of room space. Very small steam rooms are equipped with folding shelves.

   Tiered shelves have a stepped design. The height of the lower tier is from 40 cm, the middle one is mounted at the level of 70-80 cm, the upper level is located at a height of 120 cm from the floor. The optimum width of the shelves is 80-90 cm, for the lower tier a width of 40 cm is allowed. The length of the shelf can vary between 150-180 cm. These are average parameters that are specified individually for each project.

The choice of material for the manufacture of shelves in the bath

   Like other materials for finishing the bath, the bench bar should not be defective, otherwise the rest on the bath shelf will be uncomfortable. It is important that the wood is resistant to heat and moisture, only in this case the shelves will serve for many years. If you are thinking about the manufacture of shelves in a bath in Ukraine, pay attention to our range of a bench of high quality thermowood.

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