Stand «Tesli» amazed guests of Expoforum

Previously, the company "Tesli" attended Expoforum "Construction, Architecture, Real Estate" as a guest, and in 2016 it made it’s debut in a new status  and for the first time became a full participant of the exhibition.

Forum is known for its extensive business program, which organically unites round tables, conferences, workshops and seminars on topical themes related to the development of the construction industry in Ukraine.

The main thing, that helped our company to surprise the capital's residents and guests of Kiev - is the fact that we are local craftsmen. Not German, Finnish or  Estonian – everything made by Ukrainian carpenters from native wood.

Visitors meticulously examined, "sniffed" each exhibit of TM "Tesli", refusing to believe that the full production cycle is carried out in Ukraine. They called us “the unique ones”, “dinosaurs of woodwork”, “producers of the new formation”.

This is despite the fact that at the Forum came 300 companies! Total exhibition area was ​​more than 5 thousand sq.m. International Expoforum, which is held annually in the capital of Ukraine, long time ago earned credibility as the best business communication platform for major people in the construction industry. We were honored, because of rave ratings from exhibitors and visitors.

Company «Tesli» clearly demonstrated the technology, design, construction solutions from different areas of our activity:

• processing of hard and soft wood;

• shaping moldings;

• drying and heat treatment of blanks;

• arrangement of bath rooms. 

 Visitors  of stand "Sauna: traditional materials and innovative methods" could find out information about:

• Matched benches;

• doors and windows, created by modern technology;

• bath accessories;

• lamps and other elements of an interior sauna.;

• decking and cladding.

Visitors could  find out information about  the features of the product «Tesli» and order in Kiev accessories for baths, saunas, hammams right near our stand. 

Stand «Tesli» - preparation, exposition, analysis

Exhibiting at the International Expoforum "Construction, Architecture, Real Estate 2016"  for  team "Tesli" was seen as a new challenge, which will move to a new stage of development. Producing elite products, including accessories and decoration for baths, saunas, hammam, is very important for earning the trust of the client.

Stepantsov Andrew, head of the company:

In a dark closet bar of precious metal does not differ from the old brick. Gold requires light for its sparkling. Our participation in the International Expoforum is an opportunity to show ourselves and to see others. Serious business platform allows you to present your products in the best possible way, directly provide commercially convenient information to interested clients.

The official opening ceremony of the International Expoforum "Construction, Architecture, Real Estate" traditionally was attended by dignitaries involved to the development construction and architecture.

In 2016 the participants of the exhibition had an opportunity to communicate with V.A. Nepogoda, the first Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing,  P.S. Shilyuk, President of the Construction Chamber, V.N. Gusakov, President of the National Union of Architects, S.M. Prokhorov, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Amanmuradov N.A., Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan, Ivanov V.A., the head of the company "Kyiv international Contract fair" and other Expoforum prominent participants.

At the exhibition of achievements of the construction industry, were presented  multiple development areas, including  the area of woodworking. However, the analogues of product «Tesli» we have not seen. Perhaps part of the success of the stand "Sauna:  traditional materials and innovative techniques," we owe our unique offers.

All goods,without exception, provided by the company were with interest examined by honorary guests of the Forum, foreign delegations, visitors and our partners.

Analyzing the success of the stand, we systematized positive feedback. They are presented below in the ranking order. Consumers are interested in products «Tesli», because of: 

• Material, craftsmen and production - all is Ukrainian.

• Design on the European level, innovative design solutions;

• Uniquely advantageous combination of price and quality.

• Products are made of eco-friendly wood;

• Well-established system of supplies, communications, large production volumes.

• Other reasons.

Construction is an industry that is an indicator of economic development. The fact that today the Ukrainians are interested in functionality, but also in a creative solution, beautiful products - speaks volumes. We hope that at Expoforum we offered those types of products that will meet the demands among the comercial and individual developers.

Vitaly Bannyy, leading manager:

– Preparing the stand to an event of this level was difficult, but an interesting challenge. Fine details are important in the design and assembly of the exposure. Staff that presents products is required to be extremely competent, not only to understand all the intricacies of process technology, but also know the parameters presented goods and be able to tell precise, concise, easy to understand information to exhibition visitors, among them there are the representatives are not only from near but also far abroad.

A much of the credit goes to the organizers in the fact that the stand «Tesli» became popular. They supported us all the time and in everything, from choosing of places, to a loyal attitude to our transport and mechanisms. Although it was not without force majeure. In particular, at the last moment we had squeezed in size since for organizational reasons, it was changed the exhibition stand area.

Goodl, that «Tesli» team came fully equipped with tools and materials, therefore, was able to quickly adapt our own exposure according to the new parameters. We can not remind a lot of large and small details, which can not be taken into account when you’re sitting at home. For example, the door  "Gorgon" looks much more spectacular on a dark background of the steam room than in the beams of searchlights. We solved this problem by decorating the passage with a dark cloth. Visiting our stand, you would feel like from a crowded exhibition hall, in the blink of an eye, be transported to a corner of peace and relaxation.

Products «Tesli» turns any bath into an oasis of relaxation and rest. Our stand specifically designed as a sauna in real.  Power «Tesli» allows to increase the production on 30% of elite class  carpentry  production right now. But before we increase production, we are exploring and expanding market. Expoforum presented a wonderful chance to express ourselves not only in Ukrainian, but also international level.

779 29/12/2016