Types of brooms for a bath

 Bath brooms are considered a mandatory attribute of the procedures in a traditional Russian bath. These accessories are made from a wide variety of materials, each of which has unique properties. In this article we will consider the most popular types of bath brooms and tell us in which cases they need to be used.

   Deciduous tree brooms

   The most common leafy brooms are birch and oak. Also used are brooms from linden, alder, maple, eucalyptus. Each of these materials has its own characteristics and advantages:

 • birch is recommended for the prevention of colds;

• oak has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects;

• linden has a positive effect on the functioning of the kidneys and soothes the nervous system;

• eucalyptus relieves muscle tone, eliminates joint pain;

• alder intensively draws toxins from the pores of the skin;

• maple has disinfecting and healing properties.

   Coniferous brooms

 Needles are less commonly used for making brooms, since not everyone likes the thrill of touching needles. To eliminate the excessive rigidity of the needles, before use, such brooms are placed in wooden steamers and steamed well in boiling water. Also, before the coniferous massage, you should intensively warm the body to avoid damage to the skin. Experienced bath lovers claim that with the proper use of coniferous brooms, you can eliminate all the inconvenience and get triple benefit. It is important to remember that over time, the needles crumble, so coniferous brooms are stored for no longer than two weeks. The most popular materials:

• juniper has antihistamine properties and helps fight allergies, a high concentration of essential oils has an anti-inflammatory effect;

• spruce and cedar brooms improve blood circulation;

• fir relieves psychological fatigue, adds vitality and strength.

 Mixed heterogeneous brooms are often used. To diversify their composition, cherry branches, mountain ash, currants, viburnum, young hazel, ash, and poplar are added. Regardless of what material the broom is made of, it should be strong enough, durable and high quality - only in this case the bath procedures will be pleasant, comfortable and useful.

1223 23/10/2019