Sauna insulation: materials and technologies

Sauna insulation: materials and technologies

It is necessary to take care of the high-quality insulation of the sauna at the stage of its construction, so that later you do not waste money and time on complex alteration of the thermal insulation. If mistakes are made during the selection and installation of insulation, then the room will slowly warm up and quickly lose heat. This is fraught with unpleasant consequences: excessive consumption of fuel will go, the microclimate in the steam room will be disturbed, the walls will be covered with mold. Procedures in a poorly insulated sauna will no longer be useful and healthy. Reliable thermal insulation will help to avoid risks - moisture resistant, nonflammable, environmentally friendly, resistant to fungus.

Sauna insulation materials

Thermal insulation materials for saunas are subject to more stringent requirements compared to heaters for ordinary houses. Thermal insulation must have increased moisture resistance, fire safety, heat resistance.

Synthetic insulation. The most demanded material for warming a steam room is mineral wool. Thermal insulation is supplied in rolls, mats or slabs. Mineral wool is durable, fireproof, resistant to moisture, decay and rodents. The best option for a steam room is a slab of fire-resistant stone wool, presented in a wide range especially for thermal insulation of baths and saunas. For walls that face the street, plates with a thickness of 100 mm or two layers of 50 mm are used. Internal walls can be thermally insulated with 50 mm material.
Organic insulation. In rare cases, heaters are used based on organic components - varieties of moss (sphagnum and cuckoo flax), jute, tow. These are completely natural, environmentally friendly materials, but they have a significant drawback - flammability, so this option is not recommended for thermal insulation of a steam room.
Vapor barrier. When insulating a sauna, it is important to provide good vapor barrier - this task is solved by aluminum foil or foil-clad fiberglass. There is a 2-in-1 option - heat-insulating mineral wool slabs with a foil coating. For example, foil-covered fiberglass mats simultaneously insulate the room and provide a vapor barrier.
Polymer insulation. It is necessary to insulate not only the steam room, but also adjacent rooms. The microclimate parameters in the steam room and the dressing room are fundamentally different, so the approach to the choice of materials is also different. For adjoining rooms, you can use polymer insulation - polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, penofol, polyurethane foam. These heaters are not suitable for a steam room, as they easily ignite when heated and release toxic substances when burning.

How to insulate a sauna

For wall insulation, thermal insulation is mounted in niches between vertically arranged slats of wooden lathing. Stone wool slabs are installed on the spine and do not require additional fastening. The vapor barrier is attached with the reflective side inside the room.
The ceiling is insulated in the same way, but using double the thickness of the heat-insulating material. The procedure for installing thermal insulation on the ceiling: rough finish, lathing of wooden bars, a layer of insulation, a layer of foil-clad material.
Foil joints are glued with reinforced tape or metallized self-adhesive tape. If all the joints are reliably sealed, then the effect of a thermos is created in the steam room - the air heats up quickly, the heat remains for a long time.

After completing the installation of thermal insulation, you can start cladding the walls and ceiling with wooden clapboard. There must be an air ventilation gap between the insulation layer and the finishing cladding.

An important condition for proper thermal insulation of the steam room is high-quality windows.

Thermal insulation materials will lose their effectiveness if heat escapes through the leaky areas of the window blocks. Therefore, when building a steam room, you need to pay attention not only to the correct choice of reliable insulation, but also to the purchase of high-quality windows for the sauna. The best option is a structure with a triple tempered glass unit and a frame made of special thermally insulated wood that is resistant to heat and moisture.

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