Decoration Materials

Decoration Materials

Wall panel, timber, mouldings

The necessary materials for the construction of saunas and baths are  wood panelling, wooden bench skirting, door trim, cove molding and so on.

Company «Tesli» produces wooden products from quality and environmentally clean Ukrainian trees growing in Poltava and Sumy regions. If you follow technology of building, sauna will be high-quality and will delight its visitors every time. Usually, linden, oak, ash, alder and other deciduous trees are used for construction,  materials from coniferous trees (pine, spruce) are less in demand.

A wall panel is a thin planed board used for covering saunas and baths, both from the outside and from the inside of the building. Finishing walls with panels does not require special knowledge and skills, the beam is fastened with a tongue insert into the groove, thus a wooden sheet is made. The thickness of the lining is usually not more than 22 mm, and the width is 196 mm; in our shop there is lining with a thickness of 14 mm and 13 mm, a width of 70 mm and 80 mm, respectively. Depending on the height of the ceiling in the sauna lining length is 1.9-3m. Wall decoration with panels is an ideal solution; work with it is fast and not laborious. We produce every product of  the best quality, but only the wall paneling is awarded by classes. Class A has no dark spots, color variations, and other defects; in Class B, the minimum number of knots is allowed.

Timber is a flat rectangular piece of wood, often used for the construction of baths and saunas. It is also used for the construction of shelves, tables, benches, head restraints. Depending on the ideas and preferences of the builder, the timber can be aspen, linden, oak, cedar, pine. Before buying a bar, you need to check that there are no black and gray spots and stripes on the surface of the product, they indicate the presence of fungus or mold; cracks, because this timber is of poor quality, it will reduce the life of the building or product.

In  our online store  in the available mouldings, which mainly used for decorating, finishing and hiding cracks and inaccuracies, therefore, have an unusual cut in the form of a fungus, a plate with truncated corners, one rounded side and other shapes. Too angles (external, internal) and beadings (mainly used for window decoration) called mouldings.