Wooden windows for bath

   The need to install windows in the baths and saunas is beyond doubt. Airing is performed through the window openings and natural light enters the room. But the presence of windows is justified only if they have the function of energy saving, otherwise heat loss cannot be avoided. That is why for baths and saunas, and especially for the steam room, you need to choose not ordinary, but specialized windows. The best option is to put energy-saving windows in a linden sauna with a triple tempered double-glazed window.

    The advantages of wooden windows for baths and saunas

    Saving energy. Wooden windows for the bath do not let the cold air from the street and prevent the heat from the steam room to the outside. Due to the excellent thermal insulation properties of windows, the risk of excessive fuel and electricity consumption is eliminated. So do not worry about the fact that the presence of window openings will reduce the efficiency of the sauna stove.

   Environmentally friendly and natural. When building baths or saunas, it is better to forget about metal-plastic windows, they do not withstand extreme operating conditions and, which is especially dangerous, emit toxic substances when heated. It is quite another thing - natural wood with breathable properties. Modern technologies allow to increase the moisture resistance of wood by heat treatment without the use of chemical impregnations.

   Aesthetics. As a rule, walls and floors in baths and saunas are made of natural wood. Linden windows fit perfectly into this interior and harmoniously complement the natural bathing atmosphere. Wooden elements make the room cozy and comfortable.

   Wooden windows for sauna and bath have an optimized construct, due to which they are easily and quickly mounted. There are a variety of types of such windows - deaf, folding, swivel, combined. Our company offers wooden windows with tempered glass in several sizes, it is also possible to manufacture designs for individual parameters. The windows are equipped with German stainless steel fittings and contour seals. For advice on the choice of wooden windows for baths and saunas, please contact our manager.

1311 01/05/2019