Furnaces for bath

Furnaces for bath

Furnaces for bath

Applying to the company "Tesli", you can solve a wide range of tasks related to the equipment of a bath. In addition to quality of wooden products, we offer the best models of furnaces for the steam room. Furnace equipment for a bath is delivered at the best prices in Ukraine.

Criteria for selection of the furnace for the bath

How to choose the furnace for a bath?  This issue should be approached responsibly, because the quality of the the comfort and safety of sauna procedures depends on furnace equipment. The main criteria for which you should be oriented, - fast heating, compactness, safety, efficiency. It is important that the furnace is manufactured by a trusted manufacturer, gained the trust of customers in our country and abroad. The furnaces presented on our website meet all these requirements. Company Tesli works directly with manufacturers and offers the most favorable prices for furnaces for a sauna.

We take care about  customer’s possibility to buy our the most reliable equipment, and especially carefully choose models for sale.

On our website you can buy furnace for baths with the following advantages:

• Safe operation. In comparison with traditional brick analogues, modern furnaces for the bath are made of heat-resistant materials, excluding risk of burns. The innovative system of smoke removal ensures complete safety during operation of the furnace.

• High efficiency. Furnaces quickly and evenly warm up, ensure a high-quality formation of steam. The convection casing has special holes for efficient heat distribution of the steam room.

For a full-fledged heating of the room, only one set of firewood is required, fuel reloading is not necessary. Firstly, it is convenient, and secondly - economically. The cost of a stove for a bath quickly pays off due to real firewood savings.

• Aesthetic appearance. Modern sauna furnaces have a stylish design and successfully fit into the interior of the steam room. An additional decoration is a window made of heat-resistant glass.

Installed a furnace with a window, you can enjoy dancing flame. This spectacle creates a calming atmosphere, inherent in the traditional village bath.

• Ergonomic. The convenience of operation is based on the design of the furnace. Fueling and cleaning of the furnace is carried out without unnecessary hassle. The window not only decorates the furnace, but also performs a practical function: allows you to visually control the process burning  firewood.

Furnaces for a bath from the company "Tesli": the main characteristics

On our website you can find furnaces for small and large steam rooms. The equipment is designed for a different mass of stones (from 60 kilograms and more). The furnaces are made of stainless steel with increased heat resistance.

Innovative detail of the furnaces is a breaker gun, which increases the efficiency of steam generation. Special sectors are welded to the base of the chimney, allowing to distribute correctly supplied water.

Due to the presence of a  breaker gun, the steam is formed not only on the upper stones, but and in deeper layers. Fine steam produced by the hottest stones located near the furnace, - the most high-quality and healthy.

How to buy a furnace for a sauna?

If you have already decided with a choice, order it through the basket online. Maybe you need professional advice on choosing an inexpensive wood-burning  furnace for a sauna? Contact with our manager. We will help you find the best model for your requirements. The ordered goods will be delivered to any point of Ukraine in the shortest time.

Call us - we will be happy to help you in such a responsible issue as equipping the sauna furnace equipment.